Some Airdrop tasks on will ask you to join a Telegram group to complete the task.  To complete these tasks, you will need to make sure you:

  1. Download Telegram

  2. Create a username

  3. Join the Telegram group linked in the task

  4. Enter your Telegram username in the task to prove that you joined the Telegram group

⚠️Not working?  Scroll down to the "Dealing with errors" section of this help article.

Here's how to perform each step in detail:

1. Download Telegram

Download the Telegram app for your computer, iOS, or Android.

2. Create a Telegram username

  1. Install Telegram and open the app

  2. Navigate to 'Settings'

  3. Navigate to your personal details section (profile photo, name, etc.)

  4. Click or tap on 'Username'

  5. Enter your desired username
    (Note: This is the username you will enter to complete Airdrops.  Pay close attention to the spelling and capitalization of your username)

3. Join the Telegram group linked in the task

Click or tap on the Telegram link.  
When clicked, you will be prompted to open the Telegram app and be asked whether you want to join the Telegram group.  Click Join to join the Telegram group. 

4. Enter your Telegram username to complete the task

  • Enter your public Telegram username that you just registered and hit 'Verify'.
    (Note: Double check that your username is spelled correctly and that the casing (uppercase and lowercase letters) matches your Telegram username)

Dealing with errors

You may see the following error message while attempting to complete an airdrop:

⚠️"Username not found. Make sure you have setup a public username.  Usernames are case sensitive."

If you are seeing this error message, Earn is unable to verify that you are a member of the Telegram group.  Causes of this include:

1. The Telegram username entered was mis-spelled.

  • Example: You typed in SammJones, but your Telegram username is SamJones.

  • Fix it: Verify the spelling of the Telegram username you entered in the airdrop task.  The spelling should be an exact match of how it appears in Telegram.

2. The Telegram username entered used the wrong casing.

  • Example: You typed in samjones but your Telegram username is SamJones.

  • Fix it: Usernames are cAsE SeNsiTivE. Verify that the characters of the Telegram username you entered match the case of your actual Telegram username. 

3. The Telegram username entered does not exist.

  • Example: You typed in SamJones but haven't yet created a Telegram username.

  • Fix it: Ensure that you have created a Telegram username.  You can create a Telegram username by navigating to the 'Settings' page and entering in a username.

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