Here are some of the various types of people who set up profiles during our beta testing period:

  • Engineers and designers can use their profile to receive paid messages from recruiters, like a monetizable version of LinkedIn InMail

  • Venture capitalists and angel investors can use it to prioritize fundraising pitches from outside their network, donating any monies received to charity

  • Founders and executives can use it as a first line of defense to filter sales calls and cold emails

  • Consultants can use it as a form of micro-consulting, billing by the question rather than the hour

  • Producers, editors, and journalists can use it to order the endless stream of PR pitches, donating the results to charity or booking it as revenue for their media outlet

  • Musicians, writers, and social media influencers can use it to sell their time as a scarce complement to their (often) free content

Importantly, in many of these use cases the prioritization of inbound messages is more important than the money itself. That’s why we offer the option for users to set a minimum price to ensure that inbound messages are serious, and to donate their proceeds to support charities and nonprofits.

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