Here’s a bit more depth on why we think the profile is useful:

  • Your profile allows you to directly monetize your internet presence. This is the page you actually want to be at the top of the search results for your name. It is the contact information that you want strangers to come across, and every view of your profile page is a possible monetization opportunity. So it’s worth linking it from your homepage and social profiles in lieu of a public email address.

  • You can now raise money for charity in your spare time. Every year, Warren Buffett sells about an hour of his time to raise millions for Glide Memorial Church. We might not all be as rich as Buffett, but with an profile we can now all be proportionally as generous. Specifically, you can sell a few minutes of your time when convenient to support a good cause.

  • We use Bitcoin to ensure it works across borders. Because we are using Bitcoin under the hood as the international payment rail, you and the person sending a message to you can be in virtually any pair of countries. It also means that you can quickly receive very small amounts of money for your time, without the overhead of setting up a bank account.

  • You can now use price to identify the truly important messages. Price is a signal, and we use it to save your time. Rather than putting recent messages first, we put the most valuable messages in your inbox first. This way, you can answer messages in order of their importance to the sender and their benefit to you, rather than simply reacting to the latest notification.

In short, we’ve developed a tool which you can use anywhere on the internet in lieu of a public email address. You can use it to prioritize your inbox, and to raise money for charity or to monetize your spare time. Go set up your profile and try it out at!

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