All 21 profiles start in an "unverified" state, as shown below.

Because verified profiles attract more paid messages and tasks, it is in your interest to get verified. You will need to complete all of the following steps in order to get verified.

1) Log in to your 21 account and start the verification task

If you signed up recently, you should have already received a task in your inbox that walks you through the verification process. If you log in to your 21 account, the top of your inbox should look like this:

Click the Earn $0.50 button to open the verification task. The Start button on the following screen will begin the verification process.

2) Fill out your profile information.

Enter your name, title, and bio. To attract messages and tasks, you should put in as much professional information as possible. 

We will not verify profiles without a full real name and either a title or a bio.

3) Add a professional headshot to your profile

We will not verify profiles without a real photo or likenesses.

4) Add an institutional email (i.e., from a work or school domain), or link a social media account with a sufficient number of legitimate connections.

We will not verify profiles without an email or social account that proves the owner's identity.

6) Finally, review and submit.

That's all! You don't need to do anything else; we will send you an email update after we've reviewed your profile to let you know the status.

Thanks and we hope to verify you soon!

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